Studio Update Log


  • An issue where the corresponding value could not be obtained when specifying a channel using Server.GetField has been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where Server.createClan did not work.

  • An issue where onUnitDead was intermittently executed twice has been fixed.



  • Fixed an issue that did not proceed on a black screen.



  • Added a function to get the color assignment (\C#FFFF00) and the value of GetWorldStringVar in the dialogue event. (\WSV1)

  • Added onTradeDone callback that is called when the transaction is done. (Please see Nekoland Developer Support Center > Scripting)

  • Added a script to get the resolution value (Client.screenWidth,Cliemt.screenHeight) and the clicked screen coordinate value (Input.mousePositionToScreen).

  • Skill window has been added to use the skill directly.

  • Added a client script to play sound and use skills (ScriptMyPlayerUnit-PlaySE,UseSkillToPosition)

  • Fixed an issue where script clan references were intermittently removed.

  • Added a function to access the map by specifying a channel. (ScriptUnit-SpawnAtFieldID)

  • Script help has been updated. (Help-Script Help New)

  • Added the ability to draw random values ​​in the client script (rand, randFloat)

  • Fixed a bug where the skill formula was not applied when the team tag was set to None.

  • Fixed a bug where ScriptControl.Clone does not work when there are multiple child controls.

  • ScriptControl.GetChild method has been added to get the child of the corresponding name among the child controls of ScriptControl.

  • ScriptImage.SetTargetSprite method has been added so that you can change the image from the sprite sheet to the sprite of the desired part (order). (You can use the sprite set in Animations, Characters of Resource Manager.)

  • Return type has been changed to bool so that ScriptUnit.SpawnPet returns the success or failure of pet summon.

  • Added ScriptUnit.AddPet method that returns a registered ID after registering a new pet without summoning it.

  • ScriptUnit.GetAllRegisteredPetData method to get the entire pet data list (TOnlinePetData[]) registered in the player has been added.

  • ScriptUnit.GetRegistedPetDataByPetID method to get the pet data (TOnlinePetData) of the corresponding ID among the pet data registered in the player.



  • Has fixed the issue that prevented the database from running in the Japanese version.



  • has added the ability to search by number in the database.

  • has fixed an issue where game money display did not work in GUI settings.



  • Approval process for releasing new game has been applied.

  • When selecting a map, the map ID is displayed at the bottom.

  • Fixed an issue where the category of the item selection event was displayed differently.



  • Fixed an issue that prevented clicking an item from the item selection popup.

  • Fixed an issue where the platformer jump animation was invisible to the opponent.

  • Cube store button added in test play.

  • Fixed an error in the part of the client script, such as onClick, that is displayed in the chat window.



  • Added a script to check if the default UI (Bag, Profile, Skill, Collection, Party) popup is open (please see ScriptClient).

  • Fixed a bug where the name position continued to increase whenever you changed the spine character

  • Fixed a bug where items attached to the Spine character flickered.



  • Fixed an issue where FireEvent and store purchases were not available in test play.



  • The minimum value of Luna fees has been adjusted to 0%.

  • Output script of the image name has been added (Client.GetImageName (imageID))

  • Fixed the problem that TgameItem and TItem are not displayed when print is executed.

  • Fixed database caching issue.

  • The stats in the talent window have been corrected to be displayed as-, not +-



  • Fixed the issue where afterimages remained in the top left of the map.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented loading when modifying camera settings.

  • Release status function has been added (Live, OpenBeta, ClosedBeta (enter by password input), Test (only creators can enter)

  • Fixed a problem that can not create a sample project.


  • Lua table JSON issues have been fixed.


  • Fixed an issue where the page name was numeric only in Layout Manager.


  • Added buff panel enable / disable function. (ScriptScreenUI-buffPanelVisible)

  • Client.ShowTopUI (boolean) function has been normalized.

  • Studio 64bit function was supported.

  • Fixed the client JSONParse negative issue.

  • App version output script has been added.

  • Client-related scripts and settings will be applied after v2.42 version of Nekoland App.


  • Fixed an issue where the level display did not change in studio test play.

  • Added studio camera visibility event.


  • Animation position issue has been fixed.


  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when running the Event Page Manager.

  • Fixed an issue where some images were broken in test play.

  • Fixed animation crash issues in test play.



  • Fixed an issue that did not restore the maximum health set by the script.


  • Fixed an issue where the scripted text did not appear in test play.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented access to the Event Manager.


  • ScriptScreenUI has been added. (You can control the basic UI.)

  • Added GUI configuration to the database system. You can adjust the basic UI display here.

Layout manager fixes and event pages have been added.

  • Adjust mouse sensitivity on control clicks

  • Added parent control selection function when clicking the same area multiple times

  • Added ScrollPanelContent vertical scrolling function with mouse wheel when vertical value is true (vertical scrolling enabled) when ScrollPanel is selected

Layout manager

  • Ctrl + Z (Undo), Ctrl + Shift + Z (Redo), Save Recognition Issues Fix


  • Fixed an issue where monsters always received 0 damage.


  • Event search function has been added.

  • Map List-> Rename issue has been fixed.


  • Animation preview issue has been fixed.


  • The script documentation has been updated.


  • The feature on animation batch update has been added.

  • Fixed the problem that the scroll panel created in Layout Manager does not scroll. -> The Layout Manager Scroll Panel function works only with the latest version of the app (v2.32)

  • Skill learning event variable setting has been added.

  • ScriptImage SetImageID function has been added. (Picture can be specified by the imageID of the Title.)

  • Only the current layer is added. (View-View current layer)

  • Variable setting function of the skill learning event has been added.

  • Push and pull scripts have been added as knockback criteria (KnockbackFromUnit, PullFromUnit)

  • Equip item maintenance has been added to the job event.


  • .Neko file issue has been fixed.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented other users from equipping item information in player info.

  • Pet collisions are now determined based on the pet's character collision settings.

  • Fixed to allow test play even without internet connection.

  • The upload representative image size has changed.



  • Put video ads is available (Event: display video ads)

  • Skipable video ads will get you about 0.1 CUBE per view

  • Non-skippable video ads will get you approximately 0.2 CUBE per view. (This is a beta version so might be changed later)

  • Fixed an error message that occurred when launching.



  • [Folder function] has been added to the map selection window. (You don't need to create an empty map file for easy structure.)

  • Added the "Recovery Features" that can be used when a .neko file can't be opened. (+ Recovery file auto save function)

  • If you want to import the settings saved by Auto Save, select File-Restore Project.

  • You can now open the project by double clicking on the .neko file or dragging it into an empty editor.
    [Options window] added to the Tools menu. (Auto save, database optimization settings)

  • Added a non-consumables option that can only be applied to potions and consumables.

  • If you check the Consumables not consumed option, the number of items will not decrease.

  • You can now adjust the size of each character. (Character Sprite Settings-Name Size)

  • Added the option [except the item being worn] that can be used to retrieve the item of the character. (Feature added to script)

  • If the Excluded Items is Activated option, only the items except for the item being worn are recovered.
    -A warehouse access script has been added (GetStorageItems, AddStorageItem, RemoveStorageItem).
    -Fixed the bug which scroll panel is not scrolling.
    -Exchange setting function has been added.
    -Arcade sample game has been updated.
    -Some additional features will be applied in the next version of Nekoland App (after 2.27)



  • Team check function has been added in the conditional branch.

  • Undo Redo records are limited to 128, so the studio's RAM usage rate has been optimized.

  • Even if you do not run the ranking registration event, the weekly ranking has been automatically modified to reset. (Please check the weekly ranking in the ranking event)



  • Fixed issues with arcade mode stabilization. 


  • Added default UI cooldown image synchronization & transparency settings.

  • Default UI script example has been added to the Interface Scripting on Nekoland for Developers.


  • A minimum number of people bug has been fixed.

  • Skill command issues have been fixed.


  • We have fixed a bug where UI pivot values created by Layout Manager were not applied correctly.

  • The minimum starting number feature has been added for team settings.

  • Arcade is available from Nekoland App 2.19 or later.

  • Arcade map version is now available on October 7nd.


  • Fixed an issue that caused world variables not to work.

  • Fixed an issue related with changing the default controller image.


  • Fixed a problem with script custom UI positioning on test play

  • Translation on the game type has been fixed.


  • json negative value parsing has been fixed.

  • Fixed a problem where the animation of the skill used by ai does not come to a random position.

  • As of scriptImage, the function of changing image has been added.

  • The layout manager button type is set to Closure to use the script editor.

  • Layout Manager Default_page has been added. Basic controllers, skill slots, change slot positions, and picture changes have been adjusted (also can be adjusted via script).

  • Skill command system that previously was in beta has been applied.

  • New 'Skill Commands' and 'Use Maps' are added to the studio and will be applied in the actual game after the update of the Nekoland App. (Scheduled to be in late September or early in October. The schedule is subject to change.)

  • The tutorial of these features will be provided later.


Fixed a bug that caused items to multiply when using AddItemOption. If the event is clicked when the option is added and changed, unit.player.SendItemUpdated (item) should be executed.

The movement path was displayed in Japanese has been fixed.


Footstep sound feature has been added (in Database-Character)
The isLandscape feature has been added to client scripts. If isLandscape == true, you can check in portrait mode if it is false (see ScriptCamera).

Minimap file size has been optimized. (If you delete all files with _m in the current Maps folder and save the project, the minimap file will be created.)

GetItemOptions, SetItemOption, AddItemOption, RemoveItemOption, RemoveItemOption functions have been added to ScriptUtility.

Fixed an issue where player variable data was not saved when calling onLeavePlayer.

Added playerLeavePartyCallback callback. Called when a unit leaves the party.

onAddItem, onRemoveItem events added. Called when an item is acquired or removed.

The above script related example will be updated to Nekoland for Developer.

The new script feature is a feature added only to Nekoland Studio and will be added to the update history when the real server is applied.



Minimap functionality has been added. The minimap image will be saved as eg 7_m.png. when you save the project. It's now available at the Layout Manager-Minimaps.

The collision mark due to the animation collision offset is correctly displayed to the start size.

Fixed this bug: player timer would turn off while moving the map.

Database- System auto-rotation has been added. (when the smartphone is turned upside down, it's automatically applied, which will be available since Nekoland App version 2.6)



The icon image size has been modified.


Let you add a featured image, screenshots for gameplay through the Game Release menu. They will be displayed at the game landing page of your game on the Nekoland app if you add them.

We've added the export and import functionality related to the layout manager.


Game Release – Project will be saved in case you change uuid.

iPhone users can now request transactions only with Nox players. We will keep you posted when it applies to the iPhone.


Added ability to enable (disable) negative number for numeric input events.

The conditional branch display has been modified to be seen properly.


Spine examples & features have been added.

In the character selection of "Avoiding poo map", an example game provided as a reference, a spine character event has been added.

Map - the purchase event for spine equipment has been added in town.

Spine-related files are in the SpiteProjects - 2d_character folder.

Details will be updated here through Nekoland for developers.


Pet CancelPetSummon error has been fixed.


Fixed the problem in which test play could not be terminated.

The problem with collision range has been fixed


Pet level up has been added (you can adjust the event in the pet settings, see the script for help (ScriptPetUnit))

As the level of the pet has been added, the damage per level according to the profession of the pet has been applied to the skill used by the pet.

Button text problem in the layout manager has been fixed.

The pet clan name has been modified not to be displayed.


  • Added a function to pay items directly to monsters. (Database - Monster - page 2 - Check item payment directly, item will be paid to the person who killed the enemy)

  • Skill target selecting, drag & use has been added. The skill starts at the target selected. (Database - Skill - Skill selection, Database - Skill - You can set the target to be selected, but the skill animation setting must match the skill setting)

  • Target Selection - The corresponding monster animation should be true in collision with the enemy

  • Skill effect, damage display on/off function has been added.

  • Layout management has been modified.

  • Database import has been fixed (it will now only fetch the part that does not exactly match the number)

  • Image path to database Excel contents has been added.

  • Keyboard related bugs have been fixed.

  • Inventory related racks have been optimized.

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