Is Nekoland free?

Yes, Nekoland is free to sign up for and use.

Is it possible to develop mobile games without knowledge of coding, servers, and databases?

Yes. Nekoland makes it easy for anyone to create online games without complicated coding, server, or database knowledge. Nekoland's goal is to help you develop online games very easily even if you do not know much about them.

How is that possible?

If you use Nekoland Studio, it’s possible to create your own game and let users play it on mobile.

Nekoland Studio, our online game development tool for Nekoland, lets you create your own RPG games. It offers a variety of intuitive tools such as a tile-set based map editor, event layers, resources manager, database manager, and game emulator.

With Nekoland, you are able to create the basic framework of the game you have in mind more quickly than in any other than tools, so you do not have to worry about complicated coding.

What is Nekoland Studio?

Nekoland Studio is an online game development PC program for Nekoland. It’s required to develop games that run on the Nekoland mobile application. Once you finish building your game, you can push your game to live on the mobile application so users can play.

Nekoland Studio offers a variety of intuitive tools such as a tile-set based map editor, event layers, resources manager, database manager, and game emulator.

Nekoland Studio is currently available as both a Windows PC program and an Android application. You must use Nekoland Studio on your PC or Android device to create a game that works on the Nekoland mobile application. Both versions of Nekoland Studio are free and can be downloaded by anyone.

Download Nekoland Studio (PC)

Download Nekoland Mobile Studio (Android)

Is there any way to create on mobile?

Yes! A mobile version of Nekoland Studio is available for Android. We will provide notification if an iOS version is released.

Where is my game displayed when I publish my game on Nekoland Studio?

Your game can be listed on the Nekoland mobile application when you publish it on Nekoland Studio!

You can download and install the Nekoland App on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Nekoland Application (Android), Nekoland Application (iOS)

How many developers are there in Nekoland?

As of July 1, 2019, there are 887 developers.

Have developers really been able to earn revenue with Nekoland?

Nekoland has shown explosive growth every month since it first debuted in August 2018. At first, students, job-seekers, and office workers started making games on Nekoland as a hobby. However, as more people came to enjoy their games they started to earn profits. Now there are more and more cases of people becoming full-time developers on the platform.

One office worker earned approximately $50,000 in February of 2019. There was even an elementary school student who was able to earn several hundred dollars in a certain month.

In February 2019, the average daily sales of the top 10 games in Nekoland were $2,500, with an average ARPDAU of $5 and ARPPU of $40. There are currently 1,103 games in service on the Nekoland platform.

What is “Cube”?

Cube (Cube) is the name of the virtual currency used in Nekoland. Users can purchase Cube with real money from the Nekoland shop. Also, you can monetize the Cubes users have purchased in your game. Earnings are distributed to the developer every 16th day.

What percentage does the developer/creator take in revenue share?

You receive 40% of revenue. The remaining 60% goes to Google Play/App Store (30%) and Nekoland (30%) respectively.

Developer 40%, Market (Google or Apple) 30%, Nekoland 30%

What is the resource market?
A lack of resources can cause difficulty during game development.

Go to Resource Market

The Resource Market is an online place where developers can go and purchase resources to develop games. The Resource Market can be used by anyone on Nekoland. Anyone can upload, sell, or purchase game resources for game production and services. You can also find lots of free resources Supercat has provided for you.

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