Revenue and Payout Guidelines


  • You must comply with the revenue provisions set out in the Terms of Use. Please note that if a dispute arises in violation of the Terms of Use the game can be taken down.

    • (Required) List probability information

      • Developers are required to indicate information on the type, composition ratio, and acquisition probability of items granted by loot boxes in the product description, or a link to view the probability must be provided in the information provided by the store’s NPC..

      • Below is a an example of indicating probabilities.

Loot Box A Probabilities





Legendary Item



Premium Item A



Premium Item B



Rare Item A



Rare Item B



Rare Item C



General Item




  • Example: Legal action may be taken in the case of unreasonable Gacha systems, copyright violations, etc.

  • Note: Terms and conditions:

Managing Monetization

  • Much of a game’s monthly sales tend to occur at the beginning of a month. (1st-2nd)

  • Scheduling major updates at the end or very beginning of a given month will therefore have the greatest effect.


  • Your game's sales will be settled based on the amount stated in the Nekoland application.

    • Deposit amount = Gross profit - 10% VAT - (refund amount + 3.3% business income tax)

      • Please note that if a cube is refunded in your game, it will be deducted from your payout.

      • The amount deposited into your developer account is the number of your total earnings, minus refunds and 3.3% in business income taxes.

      • Fees are subject to change.

    • Payout date: the 16th of every month (If the 16th is a weekend or holiday, the deposit may take one or two more days.)

    • Account: Payments will be made to your registered bank account number.

      • If the development team consists of more than one person, payments will be made to only one registered bank account.

      • Even if you or your company have multiple IDs and games, payments will only be made to one account that has been registered as the representative.

Payout Categories

  • A private account: Transfer is made to the registered bank account (after business income tax deduction)

  • Individually owned company or corporation: Transfer is processed including VAT

  • Foreign resident or foreigner: Only transfers to Citibank or PayPal accounts are possible

    • 22% tax withholding is applied to non-residents or those who have been residents in Korea for less than 183 days, and 3.3% is applied to non-residents abroad.

  • If you do not enter your account information, you will not be able to receive your monthly payment. Earnings accumulate each month, and you can receive accumulated funds once you enter your account information.

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