Collaboration Guidelines

A collaboration function has been added to the Nekoland Game Console.

What is collaboration in Nekoland?

Collaboration means teaming up and working together for a certain period of time to create or promote a game.

Revenue made during the collaboration period can be shared according to a mutual agreement made in advance. Revenue sharing settings are described below.

[Email], [Nickname]

Enter the [Email] and [Nickname] of the potential collaborator, then click the [Search] button to confirm if the user is already a Nekoland member. See the screenshot below.

If the information entered matches an already existing Nekoland member, a popup message displays, “Account verified. Please enter the rest of the fields." See the screenshot below.

Click [OK], and you will be taken to the page where you can enter the remaining information for the collaboration. In the screenshot below, you can see that the button has changed from [Search] to [Verified].


  • Any start date (as long as it is after the registration date) and end date may be chosen for members with a stake of 0%.

  • When registering a member whose stake is greater than 0%, the start date can be registered from 7 days after the registration date, and any end date may be selected.

Note 1: If you want to start a new collaboration with a member of an existing collaboration project, it is not possible to have separate collaborations within the same period. Therefore, proceed by extending the current collaboration.

Note 2: Please note that when changing the end date, it is not possible to change to a date before the latest settlement in order to get a refund from Nekoland. That is, since the payment to collaborators has already been made, the end date can not be changed to before the last settlement date.

[Remaining share]

[Remaining share] means the share remaining (out of the 100% total) after what has been allocated to all collaboration members has been counted.

[Except selected] means the share (out of the 100% total) that has been allocated to all parties that are not accounted for in the collaboration system.

Therefore, when you register the [Share] percentage, the value must not be greater than the [Except selected] value.


[Share] is a stake to be assigned to a member who is currently being registered for collaboration (that is, a member who has completed member certification by the above-described e-mail/nickname search process). [Share] must be less than the number displayed under [Except selected]. Please note that the sum of the shares assigned to the same collaboration project should not exceed 100%.


While setting up collaboration, you can select roles for different members. Access to different functions on the administration page vary by role.

Coworkers are granted access to all management pages except for "Teams," game managers have access to all features except for "Coupons" and "Mail," and marketers can only see statistics in "Home."

For example, if you select "Coworker" in the role and click [Apply], your application will be completed, and a pop-up message will appear as shown below.

And, in [Pending Collaborators], we can confirm that the application has been completed and there are applications waiting to be approved. See the screenshot below.

If the application is rejected, you can check the reason for refusal in [Pending Collaborators].

As you can see in the pop-up message below, you must first delete the rejected application in order to re-register or modify the terms of collaboration.

When the application is approved, it will appear under [Approved Collaborators]. See the screenshot below.

If you need to modify the application information, click the [Edit] button.

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