Publish Game

Click [Game] on the menu bar and then click [Publish Game]. A game-publishing popup window will appear. Please see the screenshots below.

1. Sign up for Nekoland

If you are not yet a member of Nekoland, first you need to register. Click the [Sign Up] button on the pop-up window of the login method selection screen. Please see the screenshot below.

You will be redirected to the Nekoland member registration page. Enter your email address, nickname, password, and then click Request PIN to receive an email confirmation.

Check the email address you provided to find your PIN.

Enter your PIN and click [Verify PIN], then click [Sign Up].

This completes your sign up.

2. Log in

You can log in with [Name] or [Email].
If you log in with [Name] or [Email], you can check [Current Account Information] and [Game Details] as below, and you can proceed with [Generate APK] and [Upload to].

3. Current Account

You can check your account name, account ID, [Name], [Version], [Beta], and [Updated at] (latest update).

4. Game Information

UUID can be checked and changed.
You can check the icon, version, current beta, current release, genre, game name, game description, community or Discord URL, and supported languages.

5. Generate APK

6. Publish game

Click [Upload to Production] and the [Confirm Publishing] popup window will appear.

Check the contents of the pop-up window, check [Agree all monetization and developer terms], [Nekoland Developer Terms Agreement], and [Nekoland Monetization Terms Agreement], and then click the [Publish] button to publish your game.


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