Resource Manager

Click the [Tool] button on the menu bar, and click [Resource Manager] to display the [Resource Manager] edit window.

Alternatively, you can display the edit popup window by clicking the [Resource Manager] icon on the toolbar. (See the icon in the red box in the screenshot below.)

You can set animations, pictures, characters, spines, icons, windowskins, BGM, BGS, SE, ME, and more.

If you select [Tilesets] from the left, you can see a preview of the resource.

1. Resources Market

If you do not have enough resources, click the [Resource Market] button at the top of the pop-up window and you will be redirected to Nekoland Resource Market where you can purchase resources as shown below.

2. Import resources from your PC

Clicking the import button allows you to import and use local resources from your PC.


3. [Sprite settings] and [Preview]

Click the [Settings] button at the top of the popup window. The [Sprite settings] popup window will appear as shown below.

You can see sprite info and change settings for spritesheets, sprite border, name, collision, ambient light, etc.

In [Preview], you can set the ambient light range display, collision range display, playback status, show and align the grid, and more.

4. Delete resources

You can delete resources by clicking the Delete button.

5. [Other Options]

There are also functions such as [Reload], [Duplicate], [Replace], and [Export].

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