Example of creating a new map

1. Create a new map

We will now create a map, which is a stage where players move, such as an intro, hunting ground, or village.
Right-click on the Neko Sample RPG folder. When the [Add Map] popup menu appears, click [Add Map].

When a pop-up window appears as in the screenshot below, set the [Map Name], [Map Size], [Tileset], [Change BGM], [Change BGS], [Single Play], [Instant Map], [Gravity], [Channels], and [Max Players] options and then click [OK].

  • Name: Sets the name of the map being edited. Map names have no relationship with game content, so set a map name that is easy to recognize.

  • Size (Width/Height): Set the map size here.

  • Tileset: Sets the map tiles used to create the map. To create a background map, select [002: Background Tile]. To create a town, select [000: Town]. Select a tile set that matches the map you want to create.

  • Change BGM:

  • Change BGS:

  • Single player:

  • Instance map:

  • gravity:

  • X, Y:

  • Number of channels:

  • Maximum number of people:

2. Map Creation Example

For example, when [Map Name] is set as test, [Size] is 16/16, [Tile Set] is 000: Town, [Instant Map] is checked, and then [OK] is clicked, the map created is as in the screenshots below.


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