Promising Potential

Nekoland is showing explosive growth every month since it first debuted in August 2018. Those who are interested in games such as job-seekers and corporate office workers began to make use of Nekoland as a hobby when they joined. However, As the more they have players who engaged in their game they developed, the more they have opportunities to earn money. there are now more and more cases turning to the full time game developers for Nekoland platform

As a developer who has a nickname of 'No **', the monthly profits exceeded 50 million won as of February, and the elementary school student nickname "Chun *" generated hundreds of thousands of won in a month.

  • The average monthly sales of the top 10 games in Nekoland are $ 19,300

  • Total sales Nekoland generated from January to April in 2019 has exceeded $ 1 million

  • There are currently 1,103 games on the Nekoland platform that are in service.

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