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Game Release

The user will see the game image and description, ranking, rating reviews, and decide whether to start playing the game. It is essential to show the game's features in the best possible light using game icons and written explanations.
You need to be authenticated through your e-mail address, mobile phone number, account information, etc. before you can launch a game that can be monetized.

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Acquire new users

By using influencer marketing appropriately, you can introduce your game to users who have not yet played it.

Depending on the Influencer, choose the appropriate platform: Youtube / Twitch / Youtube + Twitch.

When uploading videos to YouTube, if "#Nekoland" is included in the title or content, the video will be displayed on the "Video" tab in the Nekoland app.

Since the video is exposed to a large number of people on the web and the app, it is easy for those who watch on YouTube to come to play your game. Users who see a video in Nekoland with a famous BJ will be interested, too.

You can promote your game on the web and in apps through Google Adwords