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Game Release Information

Game Release

The user will see the game image and description, ranking, rating reviews, and decide whether to start playing the game. It is essential to show the game's features in the best possible light using game icons and written explanations.
You need to be authenticated through your e-mail address, mobile phone number, account information, etc. before you can launch a game that can be monetized.


  • Sexual or obscene images and videos cannot be used. (These may be rejected at the time of registration.)

  • Description

    • (Required) The following information must be included:

      • Descriptive keywords (e.g., RPG, arcade, former, foster, etc.)

    • (Optional) If you include the following, you can show that the game is being actively managed:

      • Most recent update date

      • Notices related to the operation such as event announcements

      • Game video link

        • It can be helpful to show exactly what a game is.

        • We recommend recording with Mobizen or other programs.

Acquire new users

  • [Recommended] Influencer Marketing

By using influencer marketing appropriately, you can introduce your game to users who have not yet played it.


  • Twitch

    1. Marketing types: There are three basic types of video marketing, but there may be other types depending on the Influencer.

    2. Live streaming

    3. Uploading recorded video

    4. Streaming + uploading the stream archive afterward

  • Example

    • 썩소 TV - Real RPG (160K Views / Like 1,000 Likes )

    • 김왼팔 - Saint of Heroes (160K Views / Like 2,400 Likes)

  • [Paid] Google AdWords

You can promote your game on the web and in apps through Google Adwords

  • Ad Types

    • Search ads: When a word entered in a google search on a PC, tablet, or smartphone matches a word of your choosing, your game ad will appear at the top of the search results. Get clicks and promote your game.

      • Keywords should must be determined and a budget should must be set ahead of time.

      • Detailed tracking is available, but expensive.

    • Display ads: Show your game’s ad banner to google users on PCs, tablets, or smartphones.

      • Images must be prepared separately ahead of time, and the a budget must be pre-paidset ahead of time.

      • Detailed tracking is available, but expensive.

  • Video ads: You can post your game video on Youtube and advertise with your video URL.

    • Video production is required.

    • Although genuine users can be targeted, the price is high.

  • App Ads

    • You can advertise with text, images, and video, but only on mobile devices.

    • Adwords ads are the most suitable and easy to implement ads for apps.

  • [Free] Viral Marketing - Community Promotion

    • Facebook
      Promote by uploading posts to Facebook groups related to the game. Some may have “no promotions” rules, which can lead to your posts being removed, so check carefully before proceeding.

      • Pages

      • Groups

    • Similar channels: You can do viral marketing on social media with similar features to Facebook

      • Twitter

      • Instagram

    • Blog Review

      • It is also helpful when famous bloggers recommend or review your game.

    • Community

      • Recommendations or reviews from game-related sites are also helpful for marketing.

    • Nekoland Community

      • You can promote your game releases and updates to the Nekoland community to get users to come back to your game or to attract new users.