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  • You can find out more information about games you have published on the Nekoland Game Console page.

  • Communicating with users: Check your game’s reviews and other feedback within the Nekoland application so you can quickly respond and provide updates.

  • Nekoland is not responsible for any inquiries that arise from not being in compliance with the Nekoland terms of use or operational issues that arise from not complying with the terms of service. Depending on the situation, Nekoland may take action to ensure smooth operation of services.

    • Example: Processing a request for a refund due to non-compliance with the terms of service.

  • Management Tool (Nekoland Game Console):


Menu Button



My Games

Games List of games made by user list

Collaborating Games

Collaboratively List of collaboratively made games list


Payment Setting

Check accumulated cubes and register payment information

Payments History

See history of payments and refunds



Information about published games


Find users playing your game

Trade Logs

Details of trades between users

GM Command Logs

History of GM commands used in-game


Manage the blocking of users


Check information about ads that play in your game


Cube item sales history (including refunds)


Game coupon management


Mail management

Notice/Event & Push

Manage notices and push messages


Add collaborators


Set or edit game configurations


  • Review incentive events are subject to Google Play policy. Please note that the app may be deleted in following with the Developer Content Policy.

  • When operating a Nekoland game, you must not do any of the actions listed below. If you do any of the following, the company may halt your service or terminate your usage contract.

    • Misuse of another member's account.

    • Acts related to criminal activity or other illegal activity.

    • Infringement of the intellectual property rights of others.

    • Hacking or the deployment of computer viruses.

    • Accessing Nekoland services using methods other than those set by the company.

    • Developing games that include adult, obscene, or copyright infringing material, or that violate applicable laws and statutes.

    • Buying and selling project files between developers.